Personal Matte Painting Projection Study

Personal work.. 3d and 2d techniques.

Chrome Future - Env modeling / Matte Painting

Fun practice using my son in my latest work. (Now he's saying "Do my sister!") He always talks about PJ Mask. So, I thought it be cool to make him an actual hero looking to save his city from an alien invasion.

Dreams Of Being A Hero - Env modeling / Matte Painting

Mattepainting Practice

Destruction - Matte Painting



Mattepainting Practice

Chasing Nymphs - Matte Painting

3ds Max, Redshift, Photoshop

"One Day" -Env modeling / Matte Painting / Kitbash 3d Pagodas

Matte Painting Space Fun -Matte Painting

The Kitbash3D Contest gave us eight or so different types of buildings and told us to create an image using only those pieces... In 24 hours. Here's what I came up with.

Futuristic Submarines traveling underwater.

Cyberpunk Full Image

​Cyberpunk Breakdown

Cyberpunk Breakdown

Photoshop, 3ds Max, Corona Renderer

Air temple

3d Base / Mattepainting

Kitbash 3d Neotokyo

Photoshop, 3ds Max, Corona Renderer

Matte Painting Excercise

Matte Painting done for Weekly Challenge 

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